Prerequisites before installing the VisualSoft Suite
Posted by Bill Parker-Jervis, Last modified by Douglas Smart on 19 August 2020 16:10

The VisualSoft Suite and VisualReview use some features which are not automatically installed as part of Microsoft Windows. These are required and can be installed on your computer before you run the VisualSoft Suite or VisualReview Installer.  If these prerequisites are not installed before running the VisualSoft installers they will be downloaded and installed as needed.  Note that this can take some time so it is often best to install them ahead of running the VisualSoft installer. 

Any PC bought or rented from VisualSoft will have a folder C:\VisualSoft Utilities\prerequisites.  You should update the contents of this folder to match the details listed below.  If using your own PC, you should place the prerequisite installer downloads in the same folder as the VisualSoft installer file.

Note that different releases of the VisualSoft Suite or VisualReview may add or change the prerequisites.

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