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VisualSoft Suite & VisualReview 10.3.5
Posted by Douglas Smart, Last modified by Douglas Smart on 29 Aug 2018 15:03:17

Release Date: 29 August  2018

Significant changes In this version:


Bug Fix: If the video playback was already paused when a GotoTime API command was received, the video windows would briefly go to the requested time but then jump back to the original paused time.

Bug Fix: Importing a Processed survey CSV file with a large number of records was causing a memory exception.

Bug Fix: The Cross Profiles CSV import was determining the KP direction of survey using loaded data whilst ignoring the KP direction flag in the dataset properties. If no data was loaded and the KP direction was descending then no records were imported.

Bug Fix: When opening the Cross Profile graphics window options the 'SS' marker sometimes did not appear in the list of default markers.

Bug Fix: In a dataset which contains both SD and HD video files and the user has applied an aspect ratio to the SD video file which matches the HD file aspect ratio then if the earliest video file in the dataset is not the HD video file the incorrect aspect ratio was being applied.

Bug Fix: Batch processing cross-profiles was slow as when moving through the scans the video would also sync to the scan time. To improve the speed if the video windows are not visible then no syncing occurs.

Bug Fix: Datasets were taking a long time to load on very large projects.


Bug Fix: If a Report dataset does not have KP's saved to the properties ini file then when loading a dataset the software will update the project tree KP limits with the loaded data KP limits but when closing the application the KP limits were not being saved to the cache file so on restarting the application KP limits reverted to zero.


Improvement: The Main Settings radio buttons "Lowest level code" and "Event tag" should be disabled but left visible to prevent problems from occurring with the Auto Update and Event Subset functions in VisualEdit.

VisualEventLogger & VisualEdit:

Bug Fix: Shell IBIS 1.25 Rev 2 event configuration: Turn off the option to “Allow logging of events that have lower levels in the hierarchy" because this is not appropriate to the Shell specification.


Please click here to download the full VisualSoft Suite which includes Visual3D-Inspector, VisualArchive, VisualDataLogger, VisualDVR, VisualEdit, VisualEvent Logger, VisualOverlay, VisualReview, and other associated tools.

Please click here to download VisualReview only.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete What's New file, with a full history of all changes in this and older versions.

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