VisualSoft Suite & VisualReview 10.3.0
Posted by Douglas Smart on 20 Feb 2018 14:28:17. (Updated: Feb 20, 2018)

Release Date: 26 January 2018

Significant changes in this version:


: Disabled Cross-Profile or MBE scans are now preserved so that they can be re-enabled later if needed. They are preserved in the same state as at the moment of disabling, so they may be raw, part processed or fully processed, and can be restored in the same state.

Linked Drawings as used in Visual3D-Inspector may now be one of three types: DWF CAD files either with or without embedded Component IDs, or PDF files without embedded Component IDs.

Improvement: During creation of IBIS Report files perform validation checks and warn if the data does not match the IBIS 1.25 specification.

Bug Fix: We have fixed a problem that caused video windows to play at differing speeds and become unsynchronized during fast playback.


Improvement: Allow drawings to be DWF files with or without Component ID's or PDF files without Component ID's.

Improvement: Create separate planning and inspection modes, so that the user only sees relevant windows.

Improvement: Subdivide the ribbon in 3D-Inspector into separate simpler ribbon tabs for Layout, Linked Drawing, Work Scope, Events and Help


Improvement: We have added warnings and tools to better handle the logging disk becoming full.

Improvement: If a logging file cannot be written to, the logging status will clearly show as FAILED.


New: Add a new video capture card: the Osprey 460e four-channel SD.

New: Allow each Vitec VMC-7440 card to add overlay and encode simultaneously.

New: Allow custom profiles to be added by the user if the camera signal resolution does not match existing profiles for the Vitec 7440 card.

Improvement: Add to the list of motherboards suitable for use with Vitec 7440 cards.


Please click here to download the full VisualSoft Suite which includes Visual3D-Inspector, VisualArchive, VisualDataLogger, VisualDVR, VisualEdit, VisualEvent Logger, VisualOverlay, VisualReview, and other associated tools.

Please click here to download VisualReview only.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete What's New file, with a full history of all changes in this and older versions.

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