VisualSoft Suite & VisualReview 10.3.4
Posted by Douglas Smart, Last modified by Douglas Smart on 06 Jul 2018 10:50:42

Release Date: 05 July 2018

Significant changes in this version:


Improvement: Add the option to remove non-standard scan markers and change the script name from "Remove Standard Scan Markers" to "Remove Scan Markers".

Bug Fix: When changing video playback direction the video windows would sometimes freeze or become out of sync

Bug Fix: When deleting all events in a dataset and saving changes, those changes were not made to the  events file on disk so that when the dataset was re-loaded the deleted events reappeared.

Bug Fix: Unable to select the last enabled record in the Cross Profiles data list when the view mode was "Show enabled records only".

Bug Fix: Unable to select the last record in the Cross Profiles data list if it was disabled, and the view mode was "Show all records".

Bug Fix: The CR2 import in the Project Tree context menu was not working correctly.

Bug Fix: VisualWorks reports images were not being displayed.

Bug Fix: The offline overlay fields in graphical (non-video) windows were not updating.

Bug Fix: When offline overlay was enabled the image grabbing did not include the overlay.

Bug Fix: VisualWorks reports were including images and clips from all cameras regardless of whether they were displayed or not.  Should only make clips of open video windows.


Improvement: Add the Disk Copy Index filename to the "Failed to create Disk Copy Index" alarm message.


Please click here to download the full VisualSoft Suite which includes Visual3D-Inspector, VisualArchive, VisualDataLogger, VisualDVR, VisualEdit, VisualEvent Logger, VisualOverlay, VisualReview, and other associated tools.

Please click here to download VisualReview only.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete What's New file, with a full history of all changes in this and older versions.

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