VisualSoft Suite & VisualReview 10.3.6
Posted by Douglas Smart, Last modified by Douglas Smart on 05 Oct 2018 12:19:52

Release Date: 05 October  2018

Significant changes between 10.3.5 and 10.3.6:


New: A new Data Processing script "Set Metadata" has been added in the "Corrections and Calculations" section.  This lets you populate data table columns with Dataset start or Project path/name using various formatting options.

Bug Fix: When changing the video performance setting to use NVIDIA decoding this was not being saved and would revert to Software mode when changing datasets or when restarting VisualEdit.

Bug Fix: If using Configurable Import and changes had been made to the Cross Profiles then on exit when prompted to save changes those changes were saved to an old style XP.csv file instead of the newer vwl_XpProc file.


Bug Fix: On start-up if no VisualWorks folders were detected, the application was freezing.

Bug Fix: On start-up if the selected offline drive was an external drive which had since been removed, the application was freezing.


Please click here to download the full VisualSoft Suite which includes Visual3D-Inspector, VisualArchive, VisualDataLogger, VisualDVR, VisualEdit, VisualEvent Logger, VisualOverlay, VisualReview, and other associated tools.

Please click here to download VisualReview only.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete What's New file, with a full history of all changes in this and older versions.

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