VisualSoft Suite & VisualReview 10.3.2
Posted by Douglas Smart, Last modified by Bill Parker-Jervis on 20 Apr 2018 17:17:00

Release Date: 17 April 2018

Significant changes in this version:


Bug Fix: MPEG-2 Software Encoder: When using Osprey 460e SD cards the Quality Profile bitrate was sometimes being incorrectly set, resulting in 2Mbps recordings.

Bug Fix: Vitec-7440: If a composite input signal was lost and recording was stopped, the system was not detecting the signal when it was restored.

Bug Fix:
 When running VisualDVR with an Osprey 815 card installed the card was not correctly detected.


Bug Fix:
With consecutive datasets loaded, when playback reached end of one dataset it would stop rather than continuing into the next dataset.

Installer & VisualReview Launcher:

Improvement: Change the detection of Visual C++ Redistributable to allow Visual C++ redistributable 2015 or above.

VisualEventLogger & Visual3D-Inspector:

Improvement: Make the Event Logging Wizard timeout value configurable via an ini setting.

Bug Fix: The Event Wizard was not logging an event if the timeout period was reached and that timeout was greater than 60 seconds.

UPDATE 20 April 2018: Since the release of 10.3.2 we have found a small error in how the installer checks for one prerequisite file (Design Review).  We have therefore removed 10.3.2 from the downloads site and replaced it with 10.3.3.  There are no changes to the installed VisualSoft applications between 10.3.2 and 10.3.3.  For 10.3.3 click here

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